Designed by: Ron Beltrame

Loyal and protective parents, the loon often is seen transporting their young on their backs until a time at which the young can fend for themselves.

As Ron approaches retirement, the Class of 2018 would like to thank him for all his hardwork and dedication to the program.

A few kind words

In addition to being a superlative educator who has built a highly-regarded, nationally-recognized graphic design program, Ron is one of my all-time favourite designers. I’m anxious to see even more of his brilliant work in the private sector. Congratulations on a stellar career.

Tony Jurgilas, 50 Carleton

To illustrate the importance of including proper margin space in designs, Ron would often use a party analogy. When objects were too close to the edge of a page, he would say that the element looked like they were trying to “leave the party”, or that they were the strange ones at the party standing in the corner of the room unsure if they were staying or going. No matter what, it just looks "off". It’s a hilarious concept that I still remember and use to this day.

Nico Taus, Studio 123

Ron was an incredible teacher and mentor, and I feel so fortunate to have been taught by him, and to be able to work alongside him, continuing to be inspired and influenced on a daily basis. Anyone privileged to have been in his class knows he demonstrates his expertise through inspirational examples and hilarious anecdotes (which made me briefly care about watching hockey) that challenge thought and motivate students to respect their craft and work hard to hone their skill. Since being in his class, I have always considered which burning baby to save from the fire. Now as a teacher, I strive to be as motivational, knowledgeable, and inspirational to my students as Ron was to me. Thanks for everything, Coach.

Johanna Westby, Cambrian College Professor

Ron has the unique ability to elevate the simplest thing into something that peaks your interest and causes you to ponder about it. I have often wondered why I cannot do the same. It’s because I am not Ron Beltrame!

Louis Belanger, YBSA

Like the skillful winemaker who turns grapes into gold, you have shown us how to take raw artistic talent and refine it into a living. The successes of all who you’ve taught will be your never-ending 'thank-you'.

Sean Grant, Cambrian College Professor

Ron is an outstanding teacher whose impact goes beyond the graphic design program. My 3 years in the program were full of inspiration, encouragement, and lessons that are still applicable 8 years later. I can't thank Ron enough for inspiring me to do what I do today.

Brett Lair, Brett Lair Design

Most people know Ron as a great graphic design professor. What you may not know is that he really doesn’t think of himself as a “professor” at all. He has always been a graphic designer first and foremost, while seeing his teaching role as more of a coach than anything else. Always pushing, motivating, inspiring and in some cases pleading with us to be the best designers and professionals he knows we can be. His hands-on experience in public and private sectors, his award winning work, his charitable endeavours in the community, and his efforts to give more than 100% of himself everyday in the classroom is something that all of his students have been lucky enough to benefit from. Graphic Designer, Professor, Coach, Mentor, Friend... he’s all of those things to me, but I am most grateful to call him Dad.

Tom Beltrame, Legend Boats

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